OBALY 2018 OBALY 2018
Event venue - LETŇANY

Low-cost Package Centre

The OBALY/PACKAGING Trade Fair provides an excellent opportunity for presentation of low-cost production of packages in practice. In the heart of the trade fair it will be possible to find the Low-cost Package Centre, where several suppliers together will present production of a few practical presentations from a wide range of packages.

You can look forward to production of labels, gift packages and packages intended for catering. At the exposition you will be able to get familiar with technologies of such companies as CT Praha, Komfi, Macron and Xerox. A partner of the exposition is also the Antalis company, which is to ensure the delivery of various printing media. The representation of individual companies will ensure the complete processing of production from the package construction design, to printing, refinement and final engraving and cutting.

You will see the entire process of production and you will become familiar with a number of possibilities of how to create an absolutely original package. We are looking forward to your visit and we believe that the exposition will be inspiring also for you and will become a useful inspiration for extension of this prospective business sector.

Plan of exhibition area

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