OBALY 2019 OBALY 2019
Event venue - LETŇANY

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair and Package of the Year This Year at the Same Time!

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair is suitably associated, in terms of topics, not only with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair, but in a very convenient way also with the prestigious Package of the Year competition. This competition is organised by the SYBA Packaging Association which has obtained the certification for it as the only entity in Bohemia. For successful participants it therefore means also a possible entry into the international World Star contest (organised by WPO, World Packaging Organisation), in other words they can compete for the packaging “Oscar” award.


The evaluation of the last several editions of the Package of the Year competition took place on the Meet Factory premises. This year it is for the first time when there is a change! The Jury will meet at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany in order to assess the exhibits registered. The evaluation will take place during the first two days of the trade fair where a benefit for applicants as well as (and especially) visitors is the fact that for all the term of the trade fair the packages registered for the competition will be presented in Hall 6.


Evaluations and presentations are organised under the name PACKAGE OF THE YEAR = A PUBLIC MATTER

The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the field of packaging appearing on the market. Packaging solutions are arranged according to the area of use in 11 categories: FOODSTUFFS, DRINKS, COSMETICS, PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS, CLEANING AND LAUNDERING AGENTS,  ELECTRONICS AND APPLIANCES, AUTOMOTIVE (transport and industrial packages), GIFT PACKAGES, LABELS, POP&POS display, TECHNOLOGIES, OTHERS.    


Marketing benefits are enormous

For the time of its existence the Package of the Year award has reached very high reputation and this brand is appreciated not only by manufacturers of packages, but also by their clients, i.e. producers of the goods. A significant benefit is great marketing support of winning packages. The competition organiser, i.e. the SYBA Packaging Association, makes winning packages visible at all significant events in which it participates. They include PackSummit 2018, PACKAGING ACADEMY, Interpack trade fairs in Düsseldorf, PACKAGING 2018 at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany, EMBAX and others. Winners are promoted also through media partners (media promotion of the event up to CZK 100,000). This marketing support is obtained not only by the entity registering the package or product, but also by the manufacturer, designer or implementing drafter of the solution. Besides the certificate, the winners receive also an original trophy and mainly, as it has already been mentioned, a possibility of nomination to the WorldStar Awards. The project is connected with awards in individual categories, and there are also gold, silver and bronze awards of the Chairperson of the Jury or the special prize known as “Save Food” and Consumer Prize (special award granted by consumers, the data are collected through a survey organised by the Kantar Millward Brown agency).


There were, are and will be (?) a lot of interesting solutions at the Package of the Year event

The Jury is nicely surprised by the high level of packages, materials as well as prints every year. Among interesting categories it is necessary to mention the relatively new category “Technologies”. It surprised several times last year. The Gold Prize of the Chairperson of the Jury was deservedly granted to Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o. for its solution DIGI – 3D tray for the automotive industry, where the advantages offered by 3D print were used in an optimum way. The winning exhibits in this category included also the technology, which was presented later at the PVA Exhibition Centre by the Xerox company which is a traditional (i.e. coming this year as well) REKLAMA POLYGRAF trade fair exhibitor. Its technology is used also by the well-known company INDIGOPRINT s. r. o., last year’s participant and at the same time also one of the winners of the Package of the Year award in the category of Processes and Technologies. With the package supplied by this company it is possible to experience what impressions are created by the package whose perception takes place by sight as well as through the sense of touch. The package uses folding cardboard with a specific weight of 350 g/m2, which is digitally printed in CMYK, the printing process was followed by the touch-perceivable lamination method “soft touch”, which not only grants the necessary velvet effect, but at the same time prepares grounds for digital transmission of the metallic foil and creation of an attractive effect of digital sleeking.

The closing date of this year’s edition of the Package of the Year competition is on 15 May 2018 and already from 29 May the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair visitors will be able not only to see their evaluation by the Professional Jury in a live transmission, but also to get inspired by them.





Plán výstaviště

Presentation of Plastic Packages at the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair

Packages are not just pleasing foldable boxes with printings, but also packaging systems of metal, wood and at present especially of plastic materials. It will be possible to find some of these types of packages also within the framework of the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair. And as the trade fair is not focused directly on manufacturing technologies but on the actual products, visitors will find there especially inspiration with nice designs. And visitors will not be missing the material inspiration useable in the field of advertising and POS either.


The REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs belong among the best known trade fairs of their type not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Central Europe. That is why it is no wonder that the tasting trade fair menu is very wide every year, and always more and more attractive for the growing number of visitors from the professional public. It is possible to view the wide range of products from various points of view, and also in terms of materials used. And at the Exhibition Centre it is possible to see plastic materials in the form of foils, folders, packages, advertising objects as well as other products almost everywhere.


FTP Plastics will deliver materials from a number of manufacturers for implementation of various projects

FTP Plastics cooperates with a number of leading firms in the world from which it sells materials for various types of applications from the building industry to industrial sectors and advertising. Light advertising, exhibition and sales systems, displays and signing systems, folders printed by using screen printing or digital technologies – this is only a part of the product range in the advertising area where it is possible to meet materials from this company. For example, for the area of production of light advertising systems the company delivers both translucent folders (including folders intended for even light dispersion) and materials intended for production of non-translucent construction or design parts. The Dibond materials represent a very interesting solution in this area, especially in combination with the use of LED diodes, also thanks to their ability to eliminate heat.


Fixation protects a product and still forms additional visual impression

For a number of products it is necessary to use also internal equipment of a box, i.e. fixation. In connection with a box of chocolate, confectionery or bakery products etc., suitably selected fixation in the form of pressed foil provides not only perfect protection for the product, but it can improve the general visual impression as well. Plastic fixations, including metallised films, are manufactured by Roboplast Sp. z o.o., a Poland-based company.  Apart from nice gold or otherwise metallised stamped cut-to-size elements for chocolate boxes, the company produces also finished packages in the form of trays, plates, business and transport types of packages. The firm belongs among leading innovators on the Polish market and already for several times it has obtained a number of prestigious awards for its innovations.


The world of lidded boxes and cups

Tvar Pardubice is also a traditional exhibitor at the trade fair and regularly presents at the Exhibition Centre not only its standard products featuring very high quality but also innovations. Even though the company manufactures large series of very different injection-moulded packages as well as home products, it is necessary to mention cosmetic cups as far as its best known products are concerned. It manufactures them in both single-shell and double-shell forms in different sizes, shapes and with a number of decorations.

Packages with am added value

The pressure developed on manufacturers of packages in the light of current competition is really enormous, and also for this reason it is surely worth getting inspired, whether at national or international trade fairs, where both exhibitors and visitors can meet, on a relatively concentrated area, by a number of trends which they can apply in a modified way in their own production. Visitors coming to the REKLAMA&POLYGRAF Trade Fair, as well as to the specialised OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair, can find interesting package solutions at the PVA EXPO Exhibition Centre in Letňany.


Current consumer packages are expected to provide an increased rate of communication towards customers. Neither designers nor graphic art experts have to moderate their fantasy too much during the package development because current technologies make it possible to implement even the most demanding creations. Package plays one of the most important roles in the decision making process concerning the purchase of goods, and that is why the current design tries to involve also other human senses, in addition to visual aspects, in the “play for sale”. Manufacturers can use materials with a special texture or structural varnishes which are able to imitate virtually any surface in terms of tactile impressions. If it is necessary to include also the sense of smell in the decision making process, it is not a problem for manufacturers of fragrant varnishes either. A frequently used method of improving is lamination. A secondary added value may be implementation of the code, whether in the form of QR codes or augmented reality (AR).


New trends in marketing services and quality

Achilles CZ s. r. o. belongs among those firms which not only monitor closely all the trends on the market, but at the same time they are also able to work with them in a suitable way. In cooperation with its parent company in Germany, Achilles pays targeted and permanent attention to development of new products especially in the field of improvement. Apart from the frequently used lamination and coating, the company develops designs with application of UV varnishes, screen process printing or other effects (soft touch, special mat, etc.).  Attractiveness of packages is increased also through the use of paper and cardboards with surface treatment by means of special foils (silver, gold, holographic types). High demand is registered for surface treatment with lamination, and in this area the firm is able to offer virtually any solution to its customers. Glossy and matt lamination, glossy and matt Polylein film lamination (imprint), special mat lamination (resistant to scratching), holograph lamination or structured lamination – these are just partial examples of the range of “improvement” technologies.


Printing art specialities

Besides high-quality visual communication and technologies, an important role during the quality creation is played by human factor. Ottova tiskárna has dedicated increased attention to quality of both polygraph and printing operators at standard as well as modern machines on a long-term basis. And especially thanks to the high qualification of these operators, the firm is capable of generating a unique added value in the form of high quality. Besides the printing of a wide range of tasks, the company produces also tailor-made bags. The surface of paper printed in colours may be glossy, matt or silky smooth. The handle may have the form of a ribbon, or of a cord; it may be glued or riveted by means of a decorative rivet.

Top-quality package originates from high-quality materials

At the OBALY (PACKAGING), as well as REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs it will be possible to see also a number of interesting designs of packages. Besides the manufacturers of packages, suppliers of materials will present their offers on the exhibition area too. Packages, POS or all types of advertising announcements of large-area or wide-space natures depend not only on the quality of the printing or manufacturing processes, but the resulting impressions are given very often just by the selection of high-quality materials as well.


The Antalis Company belongs among leading European suppliers of paper, cardboards as well as other products for visual communication. The company offers integrated series of both coated and non-coated paper types and cardboards, whether intended for packaging specialists, creative artists, visual communication or technical applications for offices. The offer will include also creative paper sorts and cardboard in a wide range of textures, colours and surface finishing (metallic, transparent, polished etc.). The firm belongs also among leading suppliers of paper products and cardboards for digital print.

Solution for standard manufacturers as well as design creative artists

Printing, packaging, office as well as technical materials are offered also by another leading European supplier who has its representation on the Czech market as well, namely the Papyrus Company. Apart from the standard ranges of papers, smooth as well as corrugated boards, this company supplies a number of special applications as well. These applications include currently the exclusively offered materials “Gmund Wood” in the Papyrus Specials collection. Gmund Wood is available in two surfaces - Solid and Veneer. Solid follows up to the former collection known as Savanna and reminds high-quality solid wood. On the surface it is possible to see the imprint of original wood. Unlike this, the structure of Solid reminds veneer. The slightly glossy surface still underlines this impression and provides for additional protection of the paper.

The world of labels and stickers is a part of the packaging sector!

The sector of packages includes also a number of auxiliary packaging means. Those which are the most visible ones in terms of marketing are labels, tags and various types of stickers. These products will not be missing at the upcoming OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair either. And you can see the huge coverage of the range of these products in reality not only during your visit to the trade fair, but also in your everyday life.


Already for a long time labels have not been just conventional paper cut-outs or self-adhesive cards. In the current rich world of labels it is possible to find also shrinkable designs, such as shrink sleeves, which increase possibilities of marketing use of the product area. While beer lovers like paper labels, producers of soft drinks often use the so-called No Label Look. These labels are usually printed by means of flexographic printing process, gravure printing process or digitally on a transparent PP foil in such a way that the label follows the visual design of the bottle and does not raise any interfering impression.


Finishing as well as security

Today’s labels can be made also on less traditional materials, such as handmade paper or cork. The labels can be highlighted also with the help of finishing processes as partial or structural varnishing or stamping, whether relief or foil stamping (hot, cold or digital).

The OTK Group belongs among the largest producers on our market. Besides the above mentioned types of labels, the company deals also with production of special In Mould Labels (labels applied to plastic package simultaneously in the moulding phase, which becomes its integral part) or flexible packages, including Smart Pack. OTK is also a pioneer in the field of implementation of flexible electronics at smart packages, smart textiles and smart security cards. This technology makes it possible to create hybrid solutions combining holographic and electronic systems.


POS stands – a useful tool for product communication

Packaging fulfils a number of basic (protective, handling) as well as marketing (visual, promotional, informative, psychological, aesthetical etc.) functions. In the world of modern packages the basic functions are taken for absolutely granted and an always increasing emphasis is placed on marketing functions. Marketing support of a product, is however, by far not provided by the package only, but also by other means of media, visual or product communication. An important product support is provided to the product by displays. And displays, together with other product POS tools, will not be missing from the OBALY (PACKAGING) and REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs either.


A display is usually a non-standard matter; its structure is therefore based on essentially different grounds than standard structures of packages. The attractive and high-quality (in terms of production) designs of displays contribute also to the actual general atmosphere of the shop or a part thereof. In order that this atmosphere can be perceived by customers positively, it is necessary to maintain the visual style and brand in the point of sale.

In case of a display, a great role is played by its unmistakeable appearance. Like packaging, also the presentation stand “communicates” with customers and offers them a story supporting the interest in the product offered.

The stand design should raise interest, enthusiasm and other similar emotions, nevertheless it is always necessary to realise, on the other hand, that due to its originality it must never override the interest in the actual product. This is connected also with the so-called synoptic, comprehensible design which does not communicate on its own only.

Cardboard displays

Cardboard displays are produced on both European and Czech markets by a number of large as well as small manufacturers. The most important ones of them include STI Group, which is a holder of many prestigious international as well as national awards (e.g. last year it was the Package of the Year). In the company’s offer it is possible to find both permanent and sales stands, decorative POS and columns, special promotional tools, digital signage etc. The company works with modern digital technologies as well, and therefore it is not impossible to develop or produce for it displays with an added value tailored to the customer. A large interest was raised already some time ago by the interactive type of the POS, which is a display with an integrated transmitter, known as Beacon, which sends messages to smart phones and enables e.g. in-store navigation directly to the given stand or intermediation of various information, whether with regard to advantageous offers, consumer competitions, news etc.

POPAI to be present at the Exhibition Centre as well

POPAI is an international non-profit organisation, whose mission is marketing support in the point of sale and its representation in the form of POPAI Central Europe, which is a Central-European branch of the world association, and will be present, like usual, at the Exhibition Centre in Letňany too. POPAI CE organises the POPAI AWARDS competition for the best advertising means in the field of in-store communication. On the occasion of this event it is of course possible to present not only displays of the cardboard, but also of a number of other materials, often also in demanding material combinations. For example, 109 implementations in 20 competition categories were presented last year within the framework of the competition exposition of POPAI Awards. The absolute award was the Pallet presentation of Jägermeister from the Dago company, which is also a well-known manufacturer of displays and POS. This work was also awarded the creativity award, i.e. the prize for the best material and technical innovation and was appreciated in the category of alcoholic beverages.


Personalised packaging using digital printing of leading players

Suppliers of digital machines will have a wide representation in May within the framework of the OBALY (PACKAGING) and REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs at the Exhibition Centre. Besides polygraphy production, manufacturers from the digital printing sector focus more and more on producers of packages. And it is no wonder at all. While the volumes of magazines, newspapers and other paper production are decreasing, the packaging segment is growing and often attracts even “non-packaging specialists” as well. The current trend is that many printing plants or advertising agencies extend their range of products and services also with the area of packages. They do not try to compete with large boxboard producers with price as well as space demanding machinery equipment, but they try to offer something else to their customers. It is quite interesting that also large packaging players try to extend their offer range with “something more” of that type. And this “new feature” is just personalisation in the HI RES quality implemented by using digital printing!


Also this year it will be possible to see at the Exhibition Centre in Letňany the products and services offered by DATALINE TECHNOLOGY, a.s., which represents a main leader in the field of digital printing - HP Indigo -  in our market. Leading label manufacturers started to print their first personalised labels just with these machines some time ago. And now it is possible to meet the HP machines more and more often also in production of personalised packages. Besides the high quality of printing, HP offers also high-quality application SW for preparation of personalised data. The largest hit at present is the application known as HP Mosaic. With the help of this function, the designer is able to generate virtually an infinite number of different variants from one graphic design. This application is used during data preparation not only by small manufacturers, but also by such giants as Coca Cola or Heineken!


XEROX increases colour gamut application possibilities!

The Centre of Low-volume Production of Packages attracted large attention last year. One of the main organisers of the event was another leading manufacturer of digital printers, the XEROX company. A typical representative of digital printing suitable for package experts is Xerox iGen 5. A hot innovation placed in our market is for this machine at present an attractive white colour which completes the orange, blue and green complementary direct colours presented already earlier and the clear toner.

An advantage of the new toner is its whiteness and high density achieved during the printing process, and therefore printing of a single layer is sufficient for most printing applications. In the case of special effects it is possible to automatically print two layers or to add another layer on a manual basis. Xerox obtained the “MUST SEE ‘EMS” award for 2017 in the digital printing category for its white toner.


Digitalisation and the world of packages

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair touched digital production of packages already in its last edition during a successful presentation of a low-cost packaging centre, in which such companies as Antalis, CT Praha, Komfi, Macron and Xerox participated with their technologies and materials. An advantage of digital production of packages is elimination of complex preparation, production of printing forms as well as plotter clicking boards. The production process often uses high-quality graphic and CAD SW, digital printing and digital cutting in the form of a plotter or laser. With the production minimised this way it is possible to respond much more flexibly to the processing of small and medium-size jobs. In the future it is possible to suppose that digital production of packages will be optimised also for large volumes of jobs. Producers must, however, be prepared for changes in production already now. Both the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs will present, in the month of May, a number of technologies, whether in combination with digital printing or cutting out. All is implemented of course with the help of powerful HW and SW applications.


Digital printing has a continuously rising tendency in the segment of packages and this trend will continue. According to Smithers PIRA, the complex yearly rate of digitally printed packages will grow, on a worldwide basis between 2015 and 2020 approximately by 16 %. Leading producers of such types as HP Indigo, Durst, Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kodak and many others have been associated with development of digital printing machines virtually since the beginning. And moreover, today also leaders from the field of conventional printing technologies deal with digital printing as well.

Digitally printed sheets are processed by today’s producers either by a classical cut-out (with a plotter) or digitally again, i.e. without any need of clicking boards. The devices of such types as cutting plotters or lasers work with the data from PC only. Individual levels in the drawing at the same time define the use of the corresponding tool. In the case of a laser cut-out it is furthermore possible to implement also the finest raster patterns, which is not the case of a knife.


Digital printing at the Exhibition Centre will address package experts too


The exhibitors operating as producers and suppliers of digital printing systems (especially printing plotters) have been represented at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre for a number of years, and this will be the case also during this year’s edition of the Trade Fair. Today’s producers of digital machines try to develop technologies in such a way that they can correspond to the widest range of materials and bring an excellent quality. And there is still another important development step which can be registered by both exhibitors and visitors. While digital printing was focused mainly on the area of pure polygraphy, advertising or signmaking until recently, now the development is aimed at packages. This means that machines of larger formats are offered for materials featuring higher surface densities so that they can find a maximum area of use in the world of packaging. Thanks to the advanced automation it is possible already now to print a much larger number of jobs with lower printing volumes per day. Not speaking about possibilities of personalisation which belongs to the main tools for addressing individual customers.


Easy user interfaces and extended possibilities of SW applications


The design of packages currently uses a number of professional superstructure CAD SW products. They include ArtiosCAD, EngVIew Package Designer, ImpactCAD, Kasemake, Verpack and many others. All of them feature a strong benefit in parametric libraries. With some exaggeration it is possible to enter the material type and change three main dimensions, and the design of the package will be recalculated directly on a tailor-made basis for given specifications. Strong tools are also 3D visualisation modules, when it is possible to see the package also with printing still before implementation, possibly also in a particular situation (e.g. on shelves with competing products).

In connection with digital printing we often speak about a virtually unlimited rate of individualisation or personalisation. Even here SW developers offer a number of solutions proposing how to easily prepare data from original graphic designs created e.g. in Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat).

The Mosaic HP Smart-Stream application enables easy creation of variable data differing not only in texts or colours but also through an image shift, deformation, magnification, rotation or generated colour combinations of some elements. This way it is possible to create infinite series of personalised packages with a common graphic base.


Not only Christmas presents need to be packed

The season of the most beautiful holidays in the year is approaching. These holidays are full of symbolism. The pleasant symbols, even though less spiritual, include Christmas presents which are associated with special packing, where it is possible to apply creativity in order to please the person receiving such gifts still more. Creativity can be ensured on our behalf also by professionals with the help of gift packages or nice decorative packing paper as well as other materials. Gift packing will not be missing in May at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair either. It is held simultaneously with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair. It will surely pay to offer interesting solutions or just to come and get oneself inspired (not only) for next Christmas.


Giving presents is very important for people and at the time of Christmas this importance is still intensified. Before the actual gift pleases its recipient, even the actual package generates curiousness and desire to see what can be found inside. Gift packages can be in the form of bags, coated cardboard boxes, metal or plastic packages, as well as folding originally designed or exclusively decorated boxes. A suitable gift package is represented also by boxes, cases or etuis of wood, and even an original glass package provides a gift with an absolutely different dimension too.


Flexible packages, gift paper materials and foils

The exhibitors who are dealing with promotional, gift or other occasional packages are present every year at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Prague Letňany.

Packing into cut-to-size materials is associated with gift packages as well. The most frequently used materials of this type include packing paper and foils. Whilst in the case of Christmas the packing paper materials are really associated with the packing of gifts, aluminium foils are associated with chocolate boxes most often during this season. And of course, this is not limited just to Christmas holidays; a similar situation arises also with the packing of chocolate eggs for Easter and on other occasions. While in the case of piece chocolate goods the foil is often just printed with flexography printing or gravure printing, in the case of gift packing of chocolate candies firm packages are preferred (folding boxes, coated cardboard, cases etc.). Occasional packing is often combined also with a ribbon, bow, string or other decorations.


Gift packages may be more expensive but creative

Unlike secondary packages in the form of transport lapelled boxes, gift packages of all the types have an added value in creativity. The gift is usually a highly personal matter and the same holds for its package as well. Gift packages must deviate at first sight from the group of usual consumer packages, in a certain way this is a highly individualised package category. A positive fact for package manufacturers is the fact that in this product range more than 90 % of consumers are willing to pay more for the package according to various questionnaires and estimations. All is therefore mainly about the idea and today’s modern technology significantly enables to implement also various fantasies that were not implemented in terms of productions in the past.

Imaginativeness presented by exhibitors as well as sought for by visitors will surely be present this year at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair. This means that after spending beautiful Christmas holidays all of us can already look forward to this excellent spring inspiration J

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair newly in connection with the Package of the Year!!!

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair will be held in May 2018 not only in connection with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair, but also, like during the last year’s edition, it will have its professional sponsor - the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute. SYBA will have presentation activities at the trade fair as well and will follow up to the successful seminar of the cycle known as “Specialities of the Packaging Design”, which will not be missing at the PVA Expo Letňany Exhibition Centre next year either. On the other hand, an absolute innovation will be interconnection of the national competition “Package of the Year” and the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair.


The Package of the Year is the only certified package competition which is intended for both Czech and foreign companies taking part in interesting packaging solutions. During the evaluation process, the Jury assesses packages from the viewpoint of innovations, product protection, requirements of the users and environmental impacts, as well as from the viewpoint of legislation and marketing. The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the area of packaging, which can be found on the market. 

Whilst last year the Expert Jury had a meeting in the Meet Factory for evaluation of the record-breaking number of 99 exhibits registered in the competition, this year the competition organiser, i.e. the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute, has made a change. This time the evaluation will take place directly at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany at the time of the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair organisation!


The winning exhibits of the Package of the Year competition will be evaluated at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair

The Package of the Year has been assessed for a number of years as a highly prestigious competition for manufacturers, designers or users as well as suppliers of packaging solutions. The awards are traditionally handed over to winners always in autumn within the framework of the Pack Summit international conference. Also the holders of gold, silver and bronze awards of the Chairperson of the Jury are regularly announced during the main evening party. The announcement of other prizes is not missing either – Consumer Award, Save Food Award or Sympathy Award.


From the Package of the Year to the international WorldStar

With regard to the fact that the Package of the Year is the only certified competition, the success in this national competition is the only way of how to enter into the WorldStar competition (organised by the WPO – World Packaging Organisation) and to try to obtain the package “Oscar”. Both the Package of the Year and WorldStar use the same categories, which include FOODS, DRINKS, COSMETICS, PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS, CLEANING AGENTS AND DETERGENTS, ELECTRONICS AND APPLIANCES, AUTOMOTIVE (transport and industrial packages), GIFT PACKAGES, LABELS, POP&POS displays, TECHNOLOGIES and OTHERS. 


Inspiration by winning solutions directly at the Exhibition Centre

The closing deadline for the next edition of the Package of the Year competition is by 15 May 2018, and the Expert Jury will subsequently assess the packages registered during the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair, i.e. for the first time in the “live” transmission directly in the view of visitors. They will be able to see not only the winning, but all registered packages during organisation of the Reklama Polygraf and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs directly at the Exhibition Centre.

The 2nd edition of the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair already in May 2018

Last year was a premium year for the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair, which is held simultaneously with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair. And already for the first attempt it was assessed by exhibitors as well as visitors as a very successful concept. No wonder - also the actual polygraphy finds a wider field of applications more and more often in the world of packages than in the printing sector at present. While printed media are many times replaced by electronic ones, the goods will always have to be packed. And packages must promote sales activities, i.e. they must fulfil, among other things, also the sales-promotional functions. The connection of the concepts of the Reklama Polygraf and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs is therefore more than logical. The first edition of the trade fair was an overview of new trends as well as an opportunity for business meetings. The OBALY (PACKAGING) 2017 Trade Fair was assessed highly positively by both the exhibitors and visitors. The increasing tendency of the interest in the 2nd edition of the trade fair is confirmed by the interest in the presentation area on the part of exhibitors already now, i.e. half a year before the trade fair event opens its gates.


The 2nd edition of the Trade Fair of Packaging Innovations and Technologies OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 will be held at the end of May simultaneously with the jubilee 25th edition of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair. The merger of the two trade fairs has proved to be a very successful concept. During the first edition of the interconnection of these two trade fairs (altogether 294 firms, 59 of which being from abroad, from 11 countries, presented their news on 11,500 m2 of the gross exhibition area) an increase in the number of visitors was recorded (35% annual increase). Already now the organisers expect, according to a number of indications and feedbacks which they have from both exhibitors and visitors, a similar success at the PVA Expo Prague Letňany Exhibition Centre also in 2018.


Looking back at the previous edition

Already during the previous edition it was possible for visitors to get familiar, at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair, with a wide product range of a number of manufacturers of packages, packaging materials as well as labels. Attention was attracted by expositions of such companies as TECHNOLOGY, ARCON, Industrial Machinery, Achilles, Aledeto, OTK Group, G.N.P. Paketo, KURZ, Weldplast, Rajapack, HIT.CZ and many other firms from the field of the packaging sector. A large interest was raised by the Centre of Low-cost Packages, where several leading suppliers of technologies and materials (Antalis, CT Praha, Komfi, Macron and Xerox) presented a wide range of possibilities of fast production of promotion, gift, catering or specifically personalised packages. This means that visitors could see, in the live variant, complete processing from the construction design of the package in CAD SW – Artios from ESKO, to printing, finishing and final engraving and cutting.


The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair will be held under the professional auspices of the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute

The expert partner of the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair was the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute last year and the same holds for this year too. It will be a sponsor of many accompanying events and programmes. Also this year SYBA will become the organiser of the professionally focused seminar known as “Specialities of the Packaging Design” (last year it was focused on a very interesting topic “Packages for Toys”). The established prestigious certified national competition “Package of the Year” will be newly presented simultaneously with the trade fair.


Interconnection of the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs

Besides the exhibitors attending the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair, who are to present their offers especially in Hall 3, the visitors can see many interesting technologies which are used also during production of packages in expositions shown in halls 4 or 6 within the framework of the Reklama Polygraf Trade Fair. 




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Packaging Design Specialities

The Czech Packaging Institute SYBA, which is the main professional partner of the OBALY/PACKAGING Trade Fair, is the organiser of the professional seminar entitled Packaging Design Specialities, which has a long-term tradition and is a part of the project known as PACKAGING ACADEMY. The topic selected for this year’s event is “Packages for Toys” and the Association for Toy and Play has been invited as a partner of the event. The seminar will be held on 25 April 2017 during the OBALY/PACKAGING and REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs held at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE LETŇANY Exhibition Centre. The seminar will start at 10 a.m. in the Congress Hall of the Entrance Hall 2. Registered participants of the seminar will obtain the entrance ticket for the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY/PACKAGING Trade Fairs free of charge.

The visitors coming to both the events will be able to enjoy also the accompanying programme, guaranteed by leading personalities. “This year’s topic of the discussion panel is entitled Prague from the Viewpoint of Advertising of the 21st Century and will be intended again for those interested participants who register themselves in advance. The results of the Rainbow Ray 2016 competition will be announced within the framework of the trade fair as well.”


For more information see www.reklama-fair.cz and www.veletrhOBALY/PACKAGING Trade Fair.cz.

Low-cost Package Centre

The OBALY/PACKAGING Trade Fair provides an excellent opportunity for presentation of low-cost production of packages in practice. In the heart of the trade fair it will be possible to find the Low-cost Package Centre, where several suppliers together will present production of a few practical presentations from a wide range of packages.

You can look forward to production of labels, gift packages and packages intended for catering. At the exposition you will be able to get familiar with technologies of such companies as CT Praha, Komfi, Macron and Xerox. A partner of the exposition is also the Antalis company, which is to ensure the delivery of various printing media. The representation of individual companies will ensure the complete processing of production from the package construction design, to printing, refinement and final engraving and cutting.

You will see the entire process of production and you will become familiar with a number of possibilities of how to create an absolutely original package. We are looking forward to your visit and we believe that the exposition will be inspiring also for you and will become a useful inspiration for extension of this prospective business sector.



PACKAGING - Exhibitor

Date: 29. - 31.05. 2018



Important dates

The first closing deadline at preferential prices for the lease of the exhibition area December 30, 2017
The second closing deadline at preferential prices for the lease of the exhibition area January 31, 2018


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