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Event venue - LETŇANY

OBALY 2019

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair and Package of the Year This Year at the Same Time!

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair is suitably associated, in terms of topics, not only with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair, but in a very convenient way also with the prestigious Package of the Year competition. This competition is organised by the SYBA Packaging Association which has obtained the certification for it as the only entity in Bohemia. For successful participants it therefore means also a possible entry into the international World Star contest (organised by WPO, World Packaging Organisation), in other words they can compete for the packaging “Oscar” award.

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Presentation of Plastic Packages at the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair

Packages are not just pleasing foldable boxes with printings, but also packaging systems of metal, wood and at present especially of plastic materials. It will be possible to find some of these types of packages also within the framework of the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair. And as the trade fair is not focused directly on manufacturing technologies but on the actual products, visitors will find there especially inspiration with nice designs. And visitors will not be missing the material inspiration useable in the field of advertising and POS either.

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Packages with am added value

The pressure developed on manufacturers of packages in the light of current competition is really enormous, and also for this reason it is surely worth getting inspired, whether at national or international trade fairs, where both exhibitors and visitors can meet, on a relatively concentrated area, by a number of trends which they can apply in a modified way in their own production. Visitors coming to the REKLAMA&POLYGRAF Trade Fair, as well as to the specialised OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair, can find interesting package solutions at the PVA EXPO Exhibition Centre in Letňany.


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Top-quality package originates from high-quality materials

At the OBALY (PACKAGING), as well as REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs it will be possible to see also a number of interesting designs of packages. Besides the manufacturers of packages, suppliers of materials will present their offers on the exhibition area too. Packages, POS or all types of advertising announcements of large-area or wide-space natures depend not only on the quality of the printing or manufacturing processes, but the resulting impressions are given very often just by the selection of high-quality materials as well.

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The world of labels and stickers is a part of the packaging sector!

The sector of packages includes also a number of auxiliary packaging means. Those which are the most visible ones in terms of marketing are labels, tags and various types of stickers. These products will not be missing at the upcoming OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair either. And you can see the huge coverage of the range of these products in reality not only during your visit to the trade fair, but also in your everyday life.

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POS stands – a useful tool for product communication

Packaging fulfils a number of basic (protective, handling) as well as marketing (visual, promotional, informative, psychological, aesthetical etc.) functions. In the world of modern packages the basic functions are taken for absolutely granted and an always increasing emphasis is placed on marketing functions. Marketing support of a product, is however, by far not provided by the package only, but also by other means of media, visual or product communication. An important product support is provided to the product by displays. And displays, together with other product POS tools, will not be missing from the OBALY (PACKAGING) and REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs either.

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Personalised packaging using digital printing of leading players

Suppliers of digital machines will have a wide representation in May within the framework of the OBALY (PACKAGING) and REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fairs at the Exhibition Centre. Besides polygraphy production, manufacturers from the digital printing sector focus more and more on producers of packages. And it is no wonder at all. While the volumes of magazines, newspapers and other paper production are decreasing, the packaging segment is growing and often attracts even “non-packaging specialists” as well. The current trend is that many printing plants or advertising agencies extend their range of products and services also with the area of packages. They do not try to compete with large boxboard producers with price as well as space demanding machinery equipment, but they try to offer something else to their customers. It is quite interesting that also large packaging players try to extend their offer range with “something more” of that type. And this “new feature” is just personalisation in the HI RES quality implemented by using digital printing!

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Digitalisation and the world of packages

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair touched digital production of packages already in its last edition during a successful presentation of a low-cost packaging centre, in which such companies as Antalis, CT Praha, Komfi, Macron and Xerox participated with their technologies and materials. An advantage of digital production of packages is elimination of complex preparation, production of printing forms as well as plotter clicking boards. The production process often uses high-quality graphic and CAD SW, digital printing and digital cutting in the form of a plotter or laser. With the production minimised this way it is possible to respond much more flexibly to the processing of small and medium-size jobs. In the future it is possible to suppose that digital production of packages will be optimised also for large volumes of jobs. Producers must, however, be prepared for changes in production already now. Both the REKLAMA POLYGRAF and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs will present, in the month of May, a number of technologies, whether in combination with digital printing or cutting out. All is implemented of course with the help of powerful HW and SW applications.

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Not only Christmas presents need to be packed

The season of the most beautiful holidays in the year is approaching. These holidays are full of symbolism. The pleasant symbols, even though less spiritual, include Christmas presents which are associated with special packing, where it is possible to apply creativity in order to please the person receiving such gifts still more. Creativity can be ensured on our behalf also by professionals with the help of gift packages or nice decorative packing paper as well as other materials. Gift packing will not be missing in May at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair either. It is held simultaneously with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair. It will surely pay to offer interesting solutions or just to come and get oneself inspired (not only) for next Christmas.

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