OBALY 2019 OBALY 2019
Event venue - LETŇANY

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair newly in connection with the Package of the Year!!!

The OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair will be held in May 2018 not only in connection with the REKLAMA POLYGRAF Trade Fair, but also, like during the last year’s edition, it will have its professional sponsor - the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute. SYBA will have presentation activities at the trade fair as well and will follow up to the successful seminar of the cycle known as “Specialities of the Packaging Design”, which will not be missing at the PVA Expo Letňany Exhibition Centre next year either. On the other hand, an absolute innovation will be interconnection of the national competition “Package of the Year” and the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair.


The Package of the Year is the only certified package competition which is intended for both Czech and foreign companies taking part in interesting packaging solutions. During the evaluation process, the Jury assesses packages from the viewpoint of innovations, product protection, requirements of the users and environmental impacts, as well as from the viewpoint of legislation and marketing. The aim of the competition is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the area of packaging, which can be found on the market. 

Whilst last year the Expert Jury had a meeting in the Meet Factory for evaluation of the record-breaking number of 99 exhibits registered in the competition, this year the competition organiser, i.e. the SYBA Czech Packaging Institute, has made a change. This time the evaluation will take place directly at the PVA Exhibition Centre in Letňany at the time of the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair organisation!


The winning exhibits of the Package of the Year competition will be evaluated at the OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fair

The Package of the Year has been assessed for a number of years as a highly prestigious competition for manufacturers, designers or users as well as suppliers of packaging solutions. The awards are traditionally handed over to winners always in autumn within the framework of the Pack Summit international conference. Also the holders of gold, silver and bronze awards of the Chairperson of the Jury are regularly announced during the main evening party. The announcement of other prizes is not missing either – Consumer Award, Save Food Award or Sympathy Award.


From the Package of the Year to the international WorldStar

With regard to the fact that the Package of the Year is the only certified competition, the success in this national competition is the only way of how to enter into the WorldStar competition (organised by the WPO – World Packaging Organisation) and to try to obtain the package “Oscar”. Both the Package of the Year and WorldStar use the same categories, which include FOODS, DRINKS, COSMETICS, PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS, CLEANING AGENTS AND DETERGENTS, ELECTRONICS AND APPLIANCES, AUTOMOTIVE (transport and industrial packages), GIFT PACKAGES, LABELS, POP&POS displays, TECHNOLOGIES and OTHERS. 


Inspiration by winning solutions directly at the Exhibition Centre

The closing deadline for the next edition of the Package of the Year competition is by 15 May 2018, and the Expert Jury will subsequently assess the packages registered during the OBALY (PACKAGING) 2018 Trade Fair, i.e. for the first time in the “live” transmission directly in the view of visitors. They will be able to see not only the winning, but all registered packages during organisation of the Reklama Polygraf and OBALY (PACKAGING) Trade Fairs directly at the Exhibition Centre.

Plan of exhibition area

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